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Welcome to WAZA Survival Academy, South Africa


We hope that you find something of benefit to you on these pages. If we can be of any further assistance, please use the links supplied to contact us. If not, thank you for visiting our site.


At WAZA we understand that what makes us individuals is our uniqueness of personality, desires, goals and methods of achieving our goals.


To this end, we offer differing styles of training with the same end goal, to use martial arts as a tool for life preservation, good health and spiritual upliftment. These styles include Combat Kali & Dumog ( Philippine Martial Art), Yawara Ju Jitsu ( ancient Japanese Martial Art) and Practical Street Survival Self Defence.


This practical self defence system is based on the experiences of more than 3 decades of training / service in Law Enforcement / Police, Military and Martial Arts.

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Rodney Bradley visits Japan for Ju-jitsu training



WAZA literally translated means " Skill / Technique / Practise " and in our context, means all of the above

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